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SpringOnce the threat of freezing temperatures has passed, it’s time to prepare your sprinkler system for spring. During the Spring Start-Up we inspect your system and correct any problems that are found. We program the controller for your lawn's current watering needs. The Spring Start-Up is also the perfect time to review any upcoming changes to your yard or sprinkler system. Even if your lawn does not need water at the moment, it is beneficial to have your system ready to use when you need to water.

SummerMid-Season Check of your sprinkler systems is a good idea. This is the time you rely on your system the most. New growth or changes to your landscaping may block sprinkler patterns, causing coverage problems that may not have been apparent in the spring. Typically watering needs are much greater during the summer months and watering times may need adjusting. Summer is also a great time to upgrade your system. Please remember to follow your local watering restrictions.

FallThe most important service to protect your sprinkler system is to have it winterized properly. If done incorrectly it can stress the components of your sprinkler system and lead to costly repairs in the future. We recommend that you have your system winterized prior to freezing temperatures by a professional irrigation contractor.

It's Time for Winter!

WinterWinter is the perfect time to start planning for spring. Perhaps a new garden, changes to the landscaping, or a new pool are in the plans for the upcoming season? We can help you plan your irrigation requirements to accommodate the new changes. Also, if there were any issues that you noticed with your system in the past season, this is the perfect time to make a note of them so that they can be addressed in the spring.