sprinkler plans - photo: Mike McCune, http://www.flickr.com/people/mccun934/

Hints on Using Your Irrigation System

Watering Restrictions

Most municipalities have some restrictions on when you can water your lawn. Please check with your local officials to find current restrictions that apply. Failure to comply with restrictions could result in fine(s).

Watering Tips

The most efficient time to water is early morning. Lower temperatures, less sunlight and less wind at that time result in less evaporation and better pattern coverage. Wet grass from early evening watering can promote growth of turfgrass diseases.

How Much Water

Generally lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week including rainfall. During June through September, our average rainfall is about half this much.

Ideally the soil should be wet (damp to the touch) to a depth of 5 inches so the roots grow deep and the grass becomes healthier and more tolerant to disease or drought. To do this, water longer and less frequently. Frequent watering with less water will cause the roots to stay shallow.

Watering Frequency

The answer to this is different for every location due to several factors: Soil type (holding capacity and infiltration rates), exposure, grass type(s), climatic conditions, how the area is used, and health and maturity of the grass. These need to be considered when setting the watering days and length of time for each zone.

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