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Our Services

For information on what to look for when choosing an irrigation contractor, see how to choose an irrigation contractor.


Master Sprinkler Systems designs and installs residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems. Each system is custom designed to fit the needs of the site and the desires of the customer. We use professional, quality products manufactured by Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro.

In our designs, care is taken to match the proper sprinkler heads and nozzle patterns to fit the needs of the area that is to be watered. We install the sprinkler heads in the appropriate locations to ensure full coverage of the lawn without spraying excess water onto sidewalks, patios and driveways. A programmable controller and rain sensor will provide carefree watering and stop the system if it is raining.

During the installation of the system, we pay great attention the restoration of your yard. We use the trench-less method of installation to minimize the disruption of the lawn. Where it is necessary to dig by hand, we carefully remove the turf so that it can be placed back when finished. With a healthy lawn, the marks of the installation typically disappear in less then seven to ten days.

When installing a new system for our customers, we also schedule the plumber, obtain the necessary permits and have the public utility lines located.


Master Sprinkler Systems is a full-service irrigation company. We do all types of repairs, from sprinkler head adjustments to major system revamps and system upgrades. All of our trucks are fully stocked with a large inventory of parts to service your system. A well maintained sprinkler system will save money and water.

Spring Start-Ups

Master Sprinkler Systems will start up your system. We inspect the system and repair any damaged or broken items. We review the controllers programming and make any changes that you request.

Mid-Season Checks

Master Sprinkler Systems will make sure that your system is operating at its best when you need it the most. New growth on trees and landscaping can block the sprinkler head patterns and cause coverage problems that may not be apparent in the spring. Controller programming may need to be adjusted due to different watering needs. We inspect the system for any problems that may have occurred since the spring turn on.

Fall Shut-Down / Blow-Outs

Master Sprinkler Systems will winterize your system. Winterization of the sprinkler system is the most important service that is required to be done to protect the system through the winter. If done incorrectly, severe damage to the system can occur. We will turn the system off and physically remove the water from the system.

Consulting and System Audits


Master Sprinkler Systems offers consulting services for projects that require irrigation systems. We offer plan, site and budget reviews. Our goal is to eliminate any potential issues prior to the installation of the sprinkler system.

System Audits

Master Sprinkler Systems also performs irrigation system audits. If your water bill seems to be high or your systems does not perform as well as you think it should, we offer a detailed auditing service. This includes an in-depth review of the system’s coverage, sprinkler head spacing, nozzle size, zoning and watering schedule. Recommendations will be made on how to improve the sprinkler system.

Backed by 31 years of experience, all of our services are guaranteed.