sprinkler plans - photo: Mike McCune, http://www.flickr.com/people/mccun934/

Why irrigate?

Why install an underground sprinkler system?

An irrigation system is an investment in your home and a tool that makes your life easier. No more moving the sprinkler around or worrying if it is your day to water. Controllers can be set to follow local watering restrictions and to water early in the morning when there is less wind and evaporation. An efficient system can actually save water and money by distributing water evenly and effectively.

An irrigation system protects the investment that you have made in your lawn and landscaping. It will help you maintain a beautiful green lawn and healthy landscaping while giving you more free time to enjoy your favorite activities.

Having a sprinkler system installed is one of the least expensive improvements that you can make for your home. A well maintained system can last more than twenty-five years and reports have shown that lawn irrigation systems can often add up to 8% to the selling price of a home.

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