Master Sprinkler Systems offers a wide variety of services. We are a full lawn Maintence company, meaning we can take care of everything for you to ensure you have a healthy and beautiful yard without even having to lift a finger. We offer professional services to ensure you are getting the best work available. There's no worrying with Master Sprinkler Systems we back all of our services with years of experience and training.

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Weekly Lawn Mowing


Seasonal Cleanups

Spend time this summer enjoying the little bit of summer we get in Minnesota by not having to worry about mowing your yard. 

Sprinkler System 

Start Up

Spring start ups consist of our trained professionals going through your sprinkler system to make sure its all set for the summer. Saving you money on waisted water from leaks and incorrectly adjusted sprinkler heads.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is one of the best services for your yard. it pulls plugs out of your turf to allow water, oxygen and, nutrients to get down deeper into the soil forcing the roots to grow down deeper creating a stronger, healthier turf. 

Looking to freshen up your yard? Adding new landscaping is the easiest way to give your yard a new fresher look. we offer a wide variety of landscaping from mulching, adding plants, to water features.  




One of the best things you can do for your yard is water it. We have years of experience in installing sprinkler systems from residentials to athletic fields.

Spring clean ups involve picking up leaves that were left over from the previous fall. Dethatching service is also available during the spring. 

Fall clean ups involve picking up fallen leaves, cleaning out beds, trimming back perennials, and haul away of debris. 




Winterizing your sprinkler system is the most important thing to do to insure your system doesn't freeze from the harsh Minnesota winters. 

Snow Removal

Tired of shoveling or snow blowing? let us help you out with our professional snow removal services. 

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